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Telecom Lifecycle Management

Would you like to save money, simplify AND streamline your Telecom services?

LinkSource helps enterprise organizations do just that. Plus, clients also know they have access to a highly skilled, innovative team that brings a fresh perspective to common, and often, complex problems.

What is Telecom Lifecycle Management?

LinkSource offers a unique approach to Telecom Lifecycle Management. They manage all aspects of a client’s entire telecom environment. This enables clients to gain visibility, continuity, optimization and ongoing oversight of procurement and expenses. In addition, the LinkSource team manages Moves, Adds, Changes, and Disconnect (MACDs) activity. This applies to fixed, wireless and cloud services.

Each team member is an industry veteran, so clients have peace of mind and confidence in each step of their engagement. Project assignments are based on the scope of services, the client’s telecom environment and project objectives, all of which ensure the most successful outcome.

Telecom Lifecycle Management services include:

  • Audits, Optimization & Inventory
  • Network Consulting, Strategy & Design
  • Procurement Management
  • Contract Negotiation, Benchmarking & RFP Management
  • Telecom Expense Management (TEM)
  • Software Asset Management (SAM)

Audits, Optimization & Inventory

Billing errors and inefficiencies account for approximately 10-20% of an organization’s telecom spend, often with errors that directly benefit the carrier. Most organizations are too disadvantaged by a lack of resources and knowledge to accurately and efficiently audit their own telecom charges on a regular basis. In-house audits typically only see 3-5% savings, a meager amount when considering the resources and focus involved in this task.

LinkSource offers complete, historical auditing services, including all expenses in voice, data and wireless. Unlike a standard telecom audit, LinkSource not only recovers refunds and credits for their clients, but also presents optimization and technology improvement opportunities based on industry knowledge and trends.

The scope of each audit depends on the client’s business requirements and can be customized.

Audit benefits may include:

  • Reduced costs
  • Compliance
  • Improved system controls
  • Accurate budgetary forecasting
  • Inventory of services
  • Reporting

Network Consulting, Strategy & Design

Simply put, the daily management of a telecom environment is complicated. Aging phone systems, multiple providers and contract renewals are only a few aspects that can easily become a nightmare.

The ability to leverage mobile technologies and streamline business operations has become a top priority for many organizations. This makes the magnitude and frequency of these tasks difficult, if not impossible, to manage. Ensuring a team follows a strategic plan while also receiving favorable rates and services is an absolute must as the cost of managing, auditing and designing a network and processes can be very time-consuming.

The LinkSource team works collaboratively with clients to develop an overall telecom strategy and oversees the implementation of processes, services and support models.

Procurement Management

“Demand for impactful procurement continues to run high, both in terms of managing cost as well as unleashing the potential of the supply market to differentiate business performance. However, the traditional constraints of manpower, expertise, and policy driven process are inhibiting.

Cycle times need to be shorter, insight needs to be richer and more agile, and performance needs to be more transparent and efficient.” Source: The Deloitte Global CPO Survey 2016, Procurement: at a digital tipping point?

Telecom sourcing is a lengthy and complex process. The market is fast-paced and ever-evolving, which can strain resources during service and product negotiations. Working with a trusted advisor who has established vendor/supplier relationships and industry knowledge can save organizations valuable time and money.

LinkSource streamlines the complicated procurement processes for organizations of all sizes and industries. Whether a client needs to change carriers, improve or add onto their services, LinkSource’s team is able to manage the entire the procurement process. LinkSource provides:

  • Strong global carrier relationships
  • Keen insights on channels and processes
  • “Get It Done” attitudes
  • Simplified, centralized management of fixed and mobile services
  • Single point of contact for all requests

Contract Negotiation, Benchmarking & RFP Management

Negotiating telecom contracts is very different than sourcing office supplies or services as “standard” items are not typical in telecom. In addition, contracts are reviewed infrequently and vendors often bundle equivalent services in a variety of ways.

The LinkSource team has collectively negotiated thousands of new and existing contracts for their clients. They work with clients to review contract language, terms, pricing and procurement of services.

Benchmarking is a vital component of telecom sourcing. This practice ensures rates are consistent with industry averages. The LinkSource team has specialized market intelligence and a discerning insight into the carrier world and their services. This is essential in helping clients make the best choices and negotiate the best price.

It’s common knowledge that the traditional RFP process is costly, repetitive, tedious and time-consuming. Organizations are required to ensure representation of potential suppliers and their proposals fairly and often require that all documentation be retained to meet compliance requirements. This process is outdated and cumbersome as well as difficult for clients to ultimately use when making educated business decisions.

When clients consider a carrier change, a new service or running a Request for Proposal (RFP) versus a straight renewal, the LinkSource team advises clients from an initial Request for Information (RFI) through the entire RFP process and beyond. They simplify the overwhelming RFP process for clients enabling them to take back their time and maximize their return on investment (ROI).

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

In most organizations, telecom expenses rank in the top five operating expenses. This includes: wireline, data, internet, conferencing/collaboration, mobile and messaging platforms. A telecom expense management (TEM) solution can reduce telecom expenses by as much as 20%.

LinkSource’s team of highly skilled advisors are ready to help clients evaluate an existing TEM platform or vet out a new one. They can also take over an existing instance along with billing and managed services. In addition, they can fix or improve a client’s overall TEM experience, which can yield greater results and satisfaction.

With so many TEM providers to choose from, it can be difficult to know who is the best and who has the right components to fit an organization’s needs and requirements. The LinkSource team has worked with the top TEM providers over the years and has deep insight into who is best and which ones play well together if a client requires multiple TEM platforms.

LinkSource understands that one telecom expense management solution may not meet all the client’s needs. Depending on the size of the organization, anything from a dedicated hosted solution to a simple spreadsheet may be required.

With a managed service provider like LinkSource, clients feel secure knowing their extended team is available to fill the gaps typical TEM providers are unable to fulfill, such as network optimization, contract negotiation and ongoing validation to name a few.

Software Asset Management (SAM)

Every hour new rogue devices are introduced into an Internet of Things (IoT) environment. From unmanaged personal electronics such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, to devices like virtual servers and public cloud platforms, an enterprise IoT is exposed to a catalog of foreign items every day. These gadgets increase the risk of attacks, yet are invisible to many standard measures. This makes the need for monitoring and tracking the environment of utmost importance.

Software Asset Management (SAM) allows organizations to see what is in an environment, gain control of the IoT and devices connected to it, and allows clients to respond across platforms. SAM combines people, technology and processes to control and optimize organizational software. With better control of the cloud environment, organizations gain greater regulation, optimization of software licensing and increased security.

LinkSource advises clients on appropriate SAM solutions to manage their complex SaaS environments. Clients can manage current software, track users and frequency of users, and gain a better idea of what they truly need from an administrative standpoint.

Some of the benefits SAM offers clients include:

  • Authentication and administering of software licenses
  • Monitoring and analysis of data for cost savings
  • Gathering of in-depth insights about devices, systems and users
  • Assessment and classification of physical and virtual endpoints
  • Monitoring of security position
  • Maintenance and improved compliance of industry regulations
  • 1,000,000+ devices supported in a single deployment
  • Support of ISO 19770-2 and 19770-3 standards

Licensing records are often stored in spreadsheets or procurement systems and lack the metrics needed to measure compliance and ensure optimization. SAM solutions collect data from multiple sources to ensure accuracy. Once an application is confirmed, the ability to add supporting information and system variables for a complete view allows for better proof of compliance as well as allow IT managers to locate cost savings.

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