Telecom Expense Management Reimagined

Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is NOT all the same. Even the terminology for TEM is changing, for instance, some are now calling it: Network Infrastructure Cost Management (NICM). LinkSource has also reimagined how they approach this service, yet still offer clients the same ‘red carpet’ experience they always have.

When clients have a problem, they generally go to an expert to help them figure out a solution. According to Albert Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” LinkSource takes this same approach in helping their clients find the right solution to fit their needs.

Telecom Expense Management is the final step in the LinkSource Technologies Telecom Lifecycle; however, the Lifecycle has six steps, each of which can be performed a la carte’ or in sequential order.

Telecom Lifecycle Management - Telecom Expense Management

Common Telecom Expense Management Problems and Solutions

The most common Telecom Expense Management problems clients experience:

  • Lack of in-depth reporting or detail required by client
  • Lack of clear communications (i.e. unable to handle disputes with carriers, escalations on help tickets, etc.)
  • Lack of variance details (i.e. unable to identify unused services or old technology)
  • Lack of training and training materials
  • Lack of follow through
  • Lack of proper project management
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Lack of clear understanding of client’s business environment and/or requirements
  • Unable to offer best recommendations for client’s business environment and/or requirements

Problem: As specialists in the Telecom industry, the LinkSource team has come to the conclusion that there simply aren’t many TEM providers with the level of experience or consistency to get the most out of the TEM software. There are countless complexities that make any TEM solution drive true ROI, cost avoidance and deliver the value clients expect. LinkSource is the chosen partner for many clients, which empowers TEM software to be logical and drive ROI.

Solution: It is common knowledge that not all TEM companies are created equal. The LinkSource team realizes that clients are often overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of choices and complexities in the Telecom environment, so they decided to take a new approach. This new approach helps their clients vet out the best TEM providers, or work with the provider of the client’s choice, thus taking a more agnostic approach. LinkSource does the “heavy-lifting” by vetting out the right TEM software for their clients and then manages the ongoing process to ensure all aspects of Telecom are being managed appropriately.

Software alone doesn’t create efficiencies or drive ROI. Software companies simply don’t have the expertise to provide the highest level of consulting and guidance on telecom services, which is why LinkSource provides a clear solution to this common problem.

Telecom Expense Management Comparison Chart

Below is a comparison chart to illustrate the significant value LinkSource provides its clients. See for yourself how they measure up.

Each of the Telecom Expense Management categories and capabilities below are marked with either a red (poor/not proficient), yellow (somewhat proficient) or green (very proficient) checkmark, to indicate proficiency levels of either the TEM software company or LinkSource Technologies.

TEM Comparison Chart

TEM Comparison Chart Legend

Why do clients choose LinkSource Technologies for their telecom expense management services?

The main reasons clients choose LinkSource over their competitors is because of their highly skilled, professional team who consistently delivers a VIP client care experience. Each LinkSource team member is a veteran in the telecom industry, so clients have peace of mind and confidence in each step of the engagement. Team members are assigned to projects based on the scope of services, the client’s telecom environment and project objectives, which optimizes the team’s skillsets, thus ensures greater success for each project.

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