Telecom project management is very complex and needs to be managed by professionals with a specific telecom skill set. The LinkSource team has telecom experience with T1,T3, Switching, PBX, RCF and VoIP, as well as, in-depth knowledge with the provisioning processes, vendor roles and timelines associated with the implementation of telecom projects. The team has intimate knowledge about how each individual vendor contributes to the process of the project. A strong telecom project manager is essential for the execution of strategic telecom expense management solution.


LinkSource’s WEM offers wireless customers the ability to pull reports on all their wireless charges, including zero usage lines, high text messaging users, international travelers, and more. This helps customers gain visibility and understanding into complex billing statements and to help them manage their wireless spend. Our proprietary technology uncovers opportunities, provides pricing transparency and optimizes network performance on an ongoing basis. This unprecedented level of automation, control and transparency is key to realizing long-term cost savings while empowering clients in their interactions with large carriers.

LinkSource Project Management Delivers:

  • Integrated resources through the removal of departmental silos.
  • Facilitated communications and co-collaboration for overall project effectiveness.
  • Opportunities for efficiencies, cost savings, cost avoidance and improved quality through the project lifecycle.
  • A “customer oriented” project schedule that combines the schedules of all the parties, recognizes the cross-boundary task relationships, defines the multi-party “critical path” and optimizes the project timeline.
  • A definition of each person’s tasks, deliverables and responsibilities along with the requisite quality standards required for acceptance.
  • Risk management challenges, and will develop contingency plans.
  • A single point of control for the project and ensures the proper flow of information to all parties and provides accurate status reports to the customer.

Skills & Experience

The LinkSource team has the skills and experience to handle all aspects of a telecom project. Whether a client needs a complete project to be managed or à la carte services, LinkSource works with the client to setup the right strategy to fit their needs.

Project Management services include:

  • Mobility
    • Change-over carrier agreements
  • Wireline network conversions
    • Procurement management
    • Infrastructure management
    • Billing
    • Carrier disputes and credits
    • RFPs – bidding process
    • Order of services
    • Installation