RFP Management

It’s common knowledge that the traditional RFP process is costly, repetitive, tedious and time-consuming. Organizations are required to ensure representation of potential suppliers and their proposals fairly and often require that all documentation be retained to meet compliance requirements. This process is outdated and cumbersome.

Managing the RFP process can be costly to develop and time-consuming to construct and often doesn’t provide the ability to weigh your questions or provide a review of the supplier responses without substantial manual effort. This makes it difficult for business’ to ultimately make an educated decision on which supplier to move forward with.

RFP Management is the second step in the LinkSource Technologies Telecom Lifecycle; however, the Lifecycle has six steps, each of which can be performed a la carte’ or in sequential order.

3 Ways to Run an RFP

LinkSource works with the client to offer three ways to run an RFP:

  • Use of LinkSource’s proprietary DirectRFP® software
  • Use of client’s existing RFP software
  • Traditional, paper-based

The Benefits of Using LinkSource

LinkSource manages and simplifies the entire RFP process for you by:

  • Acting as an objective third-party
  • Being the single point of contact for all vendors
  • Separating the vendor/client relationship
  • Collaborating to delineate well-defined requirements
  • Vetting out potential questions
  • Ensuring questions have the appropriate ranking and weight
  • Building RFP templates and documents
  • Coordinating all vendor meetings
  • Adhering to timelines
  • Preparing a comparative analysis of responses
  • Collecting scorecards from client to generate overall scoring by vendor
  • Reducing time spent on negotiations and contracts

From RFI to RFQ, LinkSource Technologies can easily convert these into single or multiple RFPs.

LinkSource has simplified the overwhelming RFP process for clients enabling them to take back their time and maximize their return on investment (ROI) by developing an automated, online RFP software called, DirectRFP®.

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DirectRFP - Online RFP Management




Client Success Story

“The DirectRFP® system is an innovative tool that helped us create, deploy and manage the entire RFP process online. I appreciated how DirectRFP® streamlined the process and enabled us to complete the project in 60 days, which is significantly less than other RFP projects I have experienced. DirectRFP® was extremely easy to use, automated the prioritization and ranking of questions, provided an excellent audit trail and also gave us visibility into the progress of the vendor participants. Overall, it was a very efficient tool that we will definitely want to use in future RFP situations.” ~Chief Information Officer, A. Teichert & Son, Inc.

DirectRFP® Overview Video