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Why Choose DirectRFP®?

Curt Lewis, CEO of LinkSource, says, “We saw a trend many years ago in procurement departments where they were looking to reduce the extensive time and resources required to run RFPs. DirectRFP® is the answer to this common procurement problem, which spans a wide range of industries, not just telecom. Additionally, we’ve seen many tools in the marketplace that simply serve as a repository for RFP documents and time deliverables. These tools do not run an RFP nor do they automate the entire process or meet compliance regulations.”

DirectRFP® is a software as a service (SaaS) with a patent-pending. It is a highly secure, comprehensive online RFP software that offers clients and team members a centralized online repository for managing the RFP process. The software is customizable to each client and simplifies the multifaceted RFP process. When using DirectRFP®, clients can reduce the time spent by 60% or more, saving valuable time and money and eliminating frustration. DirectRFP® also offers a 100% audit trail meeting all necessary audit requirements and compliance.

DirectRFP® Benefits

  • Online, secure cloud-based
  • Easy administration
  • Fully customizable
  • Pre-launch phase reduced to a fraction of the time to setup
  • Vast database of questions
  • Ability to weight questions and answers
  • Ranks suppliers immediately upon completion
  • Available to wide range of industries, not just telecom
  • 100% audit trail for compliance
  • Single repository to maintain all data in secure environment
  • Exportable zip files
  • Patent-pending

Vendor Participation

  • Retains 100% of all responses and attachments
  • Never repeat same question twice
  • Ability to change and update questions and responses
  • Invite multiple participants with the click of a single button

DirectRFP: An RFP Management Solution

Client Success Story

“The DirectRFP® system is an innovative tool that helped us create, deploy and manage the entire RFP process online. I appreciated how DirectRFP® streamlined the process and enabled us to complete the project in 60 days, which is significantly less than other RFP projects I have experienced. DirectRFP® was extremely easy to use, automated the prioritization and ranking of questions, provided an excellent audit trail and also gave us visibility into the progress of the vendor participants. Overall, it was a very efficient tool that we will definitely want to use in future RFP situations.” ~Chief Information Officer, A. Teichert & Son, Inc.

For more information about DirectRFP®, or licensing options, contact Kelley Moore via email at or by phone at (916) 775-1107.

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