It’s not IF, but WHEN you’ll be Hacked! Cyber Terrorism, Security & Telecom

The Average Cost of a Security Breach is $3.8M – The Changing Dynamic of Telecom and Security in the War Against Cyber Terrorism

The face of telecom and security is changing for the government marketplace. Over the last several years, many private and public organizations were crippled by cyber attacks. Understanding how to protect your organization’s employees and citizens as well as your IT, network and telecom infrastructure is critical in defending your organization against future cyber threats.  Your employees unknowingly may grant intruders access to your organization’s network and putting at risk your operation and confidential records. Security compliance to government mandates and standards does not automatically mean your agency is secure or safe.

Among all the possible cyber threats that may target your organization, nothing is as important as the security, reliability, and availability of your telecom services and enterprise network. It is no longer a question of IF your organization will be breached, but WHEN!

Join Stephanie Cervantes (Former State of California DOJ Chief of Information Security) and Curt Lewis, President and CEO of LinkSource Technologies as they discuss the evolution and future of technology, telecom, and security. In today’s business environment, Telecom and Cyber Security are so intertwined that it’s difficult to have one without the other.

Bridging the Barrier of Time & Distance: The Telecom Evolution into Security

Curt Lewis, President & CEO, of LinkSource Technologies shares how telecom has evolved dramatically over the past 20 years. Companies began voicing their need for the convergence of multiple services into one single network. LinkSource Technologies is known for being in tune with their client’s needs and keeping up on the cutting edge trends happening in the telecom industry. Adding cyber security into the mix of Telecom services has been one of those more recent changes. Today, LinkSource offers cyber security managed services with an evaluation of the client’s business environment as the first step in the cyber security lifecycle. Ensuring their client’s confidential data is kept private and protected from potential threats as well as offering scalable solutions is of utmost importance to LinkSource and its clients.

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If you’re not still sure this video series is for you, please review the list of telecom and cyber security topics below. These topics are discussed in both the feature-length film (roughly 1-hour) as well as the each of the vignettes (between 1:30 – 7 or 8 minutes).

Cyber security topics discussed in the video series:

  • Securing Network Access in a BYOD Environment
  • Dangers of Mobile Device Management
  • Cyber Attacks, Public Safety, and Mobile Justice
  • Termination of Analog & POTs in Telecom – Will You Be Prepared for the Change?
  • Analog Disruption – What this Means for Your Organization
  • RFPs, Telecom & Security Changes – How to Pay for it All
  • Does Compliance to Security Standards like: NIST, COBIT, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, FIPS and ISO 2700 Make Your Organization Secure?
  • The Real Cost to Your Organization from a Security Breach
  • Weeding Through Vendors – How to Find the Right Vendor for You
  • Time to Detect vs. Time to Contain – Following the Bread Crumbs
Telecom topics discussed in the video series:

  • Changing Face of the Telecom Closet
  • Evolution of Telecom
  • What you really need to know about the Telecom Lifecycle?
  • BYOD, Telecom, and the impact on the Government Enterprise
  • How to Manage Multiple Devices over Multiple States and Strategies for Savings
  • Mobile Justice
  • The Benchmark Your Organizations Needs and the Power of 1%
  • Future of Telecom and Analog Lines – How to Get Ready for 2020
  • The Impact of Traditional Carriers Moving Away from Analog Lines on Your Organization
  • Strategies to Reduce your Telecom Spend by 20%
  • CPIC, Procurement, COTRs, and Your Next RFP

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