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Curt Lewis, CEO of LinkSource Technologies

Curt Lewis, Owner, President and Chief Executive Officer

Curt Lewis is a visionary. He likes to think outside the box and create opportunities where others might see obstacles. Early in his career, Curt met with industry experts and mentors who advised him against entering an already-saturated field; however, he followed his gut and saw opportunities to change the status quo. With his “Get it Done, No Excuses” attitude, Curt knew starting his own business was the vehicle he would use to not only control his own destiny, but to change an industry.

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He is responsible for the entrepreneurial leadership, operations and direction of LinkSource Technologies®. Curt channels his creative expertise by influencing the development of new applications, which challenges the status quo and improves the client experience. He currently has a patent pending and plans for future product development opportunities.

As an example, Curt saw clients struggle over the years with the traditional, yet antiquated, RFP process. He also saw the trend to reduce time and resources required to run an RFP and knew there had to be a better way. He decided to build a more simplified, yet fully automated RFP tool, which is now, DirectRFP®. The answer to these common problems.

With more than 20 years of experience, Curt is considered an authority in the Telecom industry, participating in several advisory councils while also staying current on new innovations. He, along with the quality and commitment of his valued employees, has led LinkSource to become a recognized Telecom, Cloud and Cyber Security consulting firm on the west coast. They manage over millions in annual client revenue for some of the most prominent brands.

Curt’s entrepreneurial spirit has also led him to take on endeavors, such as becoming an Angel Investor in the Biochemical and Technology industries along with being an active philanthropist. In his personal time, Curt is an avid golfer and enjoys snow skiing and traveling globally. He is also a family man and loves to spend time with his wife and two daughters.

LinkSource: Jason Newbold

Jason Newbold, Owner and Chief Sales Officer

Jason not only brings his competitive spirit to LinkSource, but also  along with his passion for helping clients win and succeed in business. He does this by advising emerging and enterprise clients to develop solid business strategies as well as how to grow and scale successfully. Jason’s background is in global telecom sales and management with more than 20 years of experience from both AT&T and SBC Global.

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Being client-centric is what Jason is well-known for; he enjoys building positive relationships ensuring each client has a positive impression of the LinkSource team and the services provided. In addition to being client-centric, he is also a client advocate where he has been known to effectively negotiate solutions finding common ground between carriers and clients, thus creating a win-win solution. It has been said that Jason is the man you WANT in the room!

As a telecom expert in SIP, TEM and VPN to name a few, Jason has a strong technical background, which has been highly sought after in numerous paid engagements and other business opportunities.

He has held numerous leadership roles, including:

  • American Cancer Society (ACS) Committee Member
  • IS Associates Advisory Board
  • Sacramento Area Regional Technology Association (SARTA) Board Member

Jason is passionate about discovering client’s challenges and coupling his telecom expertise with his innate need to explore new markets and technologies ultimately delivering superior results for clients.

As a youth, Jason played tennis in Southern California eventually winning a tennis scholarship at California State University, Fresno. He is also an avid marathon runner and has been an athlete for most of his life.

LinkSource: Frank Mastro

Frank Mastro, Vice President of Sales & Support

As Vice President of Sales and Support, Frank Mastro brings over 20 years of global telecom sales and management experience to LinkSource Technologies. In his 20+ years, he held various leadership positions at AirTouch, Vodafone, Pacific Bell, SBC and AT&T where he built and managed successful teams of consultants and high-performance teams to service the enterprise market space.

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With a business degree from U.C. Santa Barbara and his vast telecom experience, Frank has a deep understanding of how enterprise business environments operate. He understands they require clear planning and documented processes in order to be successful. Frank is able to not only see the client’s big picture goal, he is able to effectively communicate the client’s details to the support staff, which creates a positive experience throughout each phase of a project. He utilizes his expertise to help clients bring their legacy networks into the 21st century with ease and confidence.

In addition, Frank is an expert in:

  • Liaising with clients, legal teams and IT departments capturing all details
  • Contract requirements
  • Large technology contract negotiations
  • Developing corporate strategies
  • Strategic sales planning and development
  • Customer relationship management
  • Cost mitigation
  • Revenue enhancement

Frank is results-driven, which translates into helping clients achieve their business goals by delivering on his commitments.

Kelley Moore, Director of Client Services | LinkSource Technologies

Kelley Moore, Director of Client Services

Kelley is known for her innate attention to detail and her dedication to the clients she serves as well as her extensive telecom industry knowledge. As a client advocate, Kelley understands the complex issues involved in managing each client’s account. Her clients look to her for guidance on managed services as well as carrier services within the areas of mobile, telecom and expense management.

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As Director of Client Services at LinkSource Technologies since 2009, Kelley guides existing clients through the sales process as well as oversees support, implementation, and overall satisfaction. She also helps clients develop scopes of work, requirements and long-term strategies.

Kelley specializes in the areas of: Consulting, Project Management, Procurement Support, Expense Management, Auditing and RFP Management. She spent over 10 years working in AT&T’s mobility division where she acquired extensive knowledge in these areas as well as operations, support, sales and escalation management.

She continually expands her knowledge by learning the latest trends in the telecom industry with an emphasis on wireless, wireline and expense management.

She loves spending time with her kids and husband, they often take long weekend trips with the trailer to the beach, lake or good hiking areas. She enjoys playing games and other activities that give her the opportunity to use her competitive nature.

Matt Bryant, Director of Cloud Strategies | LinkSource Technologies

Matt Bryant, Director of Cloud Strategies

Matt brings more than 20 years’ experience to his role as Director of Cloud Strategies at LinkSource. He has a diverse technology and business background holding various successful sales, support and leadership positions at BMC, GlobalCenter, UUNet, MCI and Verizon Enterprise.

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With a BA from San Jose State University as well as extensive array of technical certifications, Matt has helped some of the largest and most recognizable brands in the world plan, build, and transform their global telecommunications and IT environments. He has always been a strong client advocate with a passion for the business side of IT and he has structured, negotiated, and implemented numerous multi-million-dollar technology agreements around the world.

In 2015 Matt moved his family out of the crowded Bay Area and to the Sacramento area foothills where he reconnected with long time business associates at LinkSource. The LinkSource business model of customer advocacy and technology enablement through strategic planning and sourcing is a perfect fit. He has now found a new home for his family and his career, and looks forward to helping an extended client base realize and maximize the potential of their IT and telecom lifecycles.

Sarah Gonzalez - LinkSource Technologies

Sarah Gonzalez, Client Services Manager

Sarah has over 15 years of telecommunications experience in the SMB and Enterprise spaces. While at Verizon, she supported ongoing initiatives to drive company growth and profitability as well as sales support. Sarah spent most her experience in industries such as: Wireless communication, Tech Support and management.

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Currently, Sarah manages multiple work groups including wireline, mobility, TEM and auditing for LinkSource Technologies. She places her emphasis on delivering a VIP experience for clients and helps reduce costs by performing account optimizations, quality inspections and presenting cutting-edge industry recommendations.

Her goal is to build long-term, lasting client relationships and contribute to an environment where clients look forward to doing business with LinkSource.

When Sarah is not working, she can be found spending time with her husband and two kids in Granite Bay playing taxi driver to sporting events or relaxing on the golf course.

Michelle Ulrich | Director of Marketing & Training

Michelle Ulrich, Director of Marketing & Training

After having worked in the B2C and B2B industries for over 20 years, Michelle has gained a deep understanding of corporate branding, marketing and lead generation. She is a known leader amongst her peers. As a previous business education instructor at various community colleges in California and in private institutions, Michelle gained a reputation for being an outstanding instructor, not only for her delivery, but also for her attention to detail and patience.

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Michelle is highly organized and has been known to keep everyone on track even in the midst of multi-million dollar product launches. Currently, she manages all aspects of marketing, including: advertising, social media, press releases, product launches, and corporate events as well as acts as the cyber security coordinator for the cyber security line of business for LinkSource Technologies.

Sherry Forster Dutton

Sherry Dutton, Director of Operations

Managing all aspects of LinkSource Technologies’ operations is the responsibility of Sherry Dutton. She keeps the company on target to meet the established business objectives for growth and profitability. Sherry is also instrumental in the development of internal and external technology tools and policies, controlling operating expenses and overseeing the employee management of the company.

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With over 25 years of industry experience with Cable & Wireless and AT&T, in account management, customer support, and various management positions, Sherry brings knowledge and expertise to the Audit, Optimization, and Inventory product offerings along with LinkSource’s Total Expense Management servicesSherry stands out as a key contributor in the success LinkSource has experienced.

Monita Cloty, Accounting Manager | LinkSource Technologies

Monita Cloty, Accounting Manager

Monita Cloty, a native, of Northern California, has over 15 years of Accounting experience working in industries, such as: IT, Telecom and Cyber Security. She attended Sacramento State University and graduated from the University of Phoenix where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting in 2005.

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Monita has a warm, friendly demeanor and gets along well with everyone. Her attention to detail, extensive knowledge of various ERP tools as well as the conversion and implementation of enterprise-level ERPs has all led to her success as the Accounting Manager at LinkSource Technologies®.

Currently, she is responsible for managing the accounting and finance functions where she manages the internal control systems, preparation of all financial reports, and preparation of tax and regulatory filings, audits, and payroll. Monita would like to work toward earning her CPA license in the future to further her knowledge and professional development.

In her off-time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling.