About LinkSource Technologies

Bridging Excellence, Technology & Innovation.

About LinkSource

LinkSource Technologies was founded in 1998 to address the needs of companies looking to bridge business objectives through innovative technology solutions.

LinkSource believes that migrating to new technologies should be a seamless and simple experience for their clients. They partner with organizations to identify their unique business requirements and advise on secure, reliable, cost-effective solutions.

They are recognized technology advisors in the Telecom, Cloud and Cyber Security industries and manage millions in annual client revenue for some of the most prominent global brands. LinkSource is known for thinking outside the box to create opportunities where others see obstacles. Their highly skilled, innovative team brings a fresh approach and perspective to common, and often complex problems.

About The Team
Each LinkSource team member is an industry veteran, giving clients peace of mind and confidence in each step of their engagement. The team collaborates with clients throughout the entire engagement to deliver sustainable business results. Through this collaborative process, they develop and implement strategies, which can be scaled and tailored to the unique dynamics of the client’s industry and the individual needs of their business.

What We Do
LinkSource provides strategic and advisory services enabling organizations to achieve their goals and objectives. This includes aligning disparate departments, corporate strategies, redesigning technology, as well as transforming infrastructure.  Project assignments are based on the scope of services, the client’s business environment and objectives, all of which ensure the most successful outcome.

In today’s complex business world, organizations are required to drive product innovations and adopt new technologies, or run the risk of getting left behind and possibly becoming obsolete. These innovative technologies must also be practical, seamless and simple to implement, as well as enable transformation and align with business objectives.

Technology transformation has improved business performance, driven product strategies, and enabled innovation – all while creating competitive advantages to enhance revenue.

Vendor Agnostic Approach
LinkSource takes a vendor agnostic approach during their discovery and vetting process to present first-rate companies and technologies to their clients.

With new technologies emerging daily, LinkSource works hard to weed out the best-in-class solutions. Innovations often enhance, secure or transform legacy systems, saving time, creating business efficiencies and producing an immediate return on investment (ROI), which has saved clients over $1.6 billion.

Trusted Technology Advisors
Organizations look for technology advisors they can trust to help them simplify the complexities in their business environment with a fresh perspective. LinkSource understands their client’s unique goals and objectives. They’re also flexible, which allows them to rapidly adapt to market changes, changes in their client’s infrastructure and also find cost-effective solutions.

What’s Next?
Do you feel lost or confused by all the various options in Telecom Lifecycle Management, Cloud Enablement and Cyber Security Lifecycle Management? Do you want someone to simply help you get things done the right way without all the hassles and headaches? LinkSource’s experienced team members can help you decipher the technology code! Call or get help today by clicking the button below.

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