LinkSource Technologies was founded in 1998 to address the needs of companies looking to enhance the management of their telecommunications and technology services. Today, LinkSource Technologies provides strategy development of policies and procedures for telecom and technology environments. Their knowledge based, proven lifecycle methodologies identify and deliver the right strategy to fit the client’s business goals.

LinkSource Technologies is a leading security and telecom lifecycle management company advising organizations how to navigate the complex, and sometimes confusing, telecom landscape as well as how to turn the tables on cyber terrorists and hackers. They were recently named Top 20 Most Promising Procurement Solution Providers for 2016 by CIO Review, Top 10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies for 2016 and Top 20 Telecommunications Consulting Firm in 2015 both by The Silicon Review. They’ve saved clients over $1.6 billion on telecom while managing over $500 million in carrier contracts and more than 150,000 mobile devices in countries spanning the globe.

LinkSource takes a different, yet agile approach with their clients and partners, setting themselves apart from the crowd. They work in collaboration with their clients throughout the entire process, including design, negotiations and implementation, as well as providing a VIP experience. LinkSource’s ability to be agile allows them to rapidly adapt to market changes, changes in their client’s business environment and also find cost-effective solutions.

They also believe in taking a vendor agnostic approach, which allows them the ability to assess their client’s business requirements, with an open mind. This successful approach allows LinkSource to discover and vet first-rate companies and technologies in advance so clients don’t have to. In addition, during a network or architecture review, efficiencies and savings are usually found resulting in monies the client is able to use to either self-fund services or to reallocate the savings to other projects.

LinkSource is very passionate about educating clients about their telecom and cyber security risks, which is why they recently produced a video series called, “It’s not IF, but WHEN you’ll be Hacked: Cyber Terrorism, Security & Telecom”. These videos will provide answers to some of the hardest security and telecom challenges facing organizations in today’s always-connected business environments.

Our Technology, Team, Value & Process


LinkSource’s technology solutions are updated regularly to provide their clients with access to the most efficient and cost-effective technology solutions. LinkSource partners with proven industry leaders to ensure that all technology services and products meet “best in class” criteria.


The LinkSource team is passionate about business and about collaborating with their clients to reach the client’s business goals and objectives. LinkSource team members are industry veterans,  knowledgeable about innovative technologies. Their commitment to cultivating and maintaining the strongest supplier relationships ensures client projects are executed seamlessly and cost-effectively. LinkSource’s leadership is dedicated to delivering clients thorough information, accurate data, and impactful business recommendations.


LinkSource provides in-depth industry expertise and superior support and customer service. Their executive leadership team participates in a variety of industry leader groups and events, and their team members attend routine training sessions to further the in-depth telecom and project management expertise. LinkSource has become recognized in the industry for their ability to identify, recommend and deliver impactful telecom and lifecycle management strategies  for current and future savings to your bottom line. With more than 2,500 contracts negotiated, the LinkSource team has vast negotiation experience and maintains high visibility with industry partners and suppliers.


Successful collaboration with clients is the key to LinkSource’s collective success. LinkSource is dedicated to partnering with their clients to design, execute and efficiently manage telecommunication solutions.