Cyber Security Managed Services

An invisible security sensor that takes a different approach to monitoring your network.

Telecom Lifecycle Management

We identify, enable and deliver the right telecom management strategies to fit your business goals.


Providing Audits, Optimization and Inventory Services
LinkSource offers a custom approach for each client, working with them to find the best solutions, cost savings and more.

Total TEM®

Our telecom expense management methodology delivers proven savings and peace of mind from industry experts.


Managed Services Experience – Results Delivered

LinkSource Technologies | Cyber Security Managed Services

Cyber Security Managed Services

LinkSource Technologies | Telecom Lifecycle Management

Telecom Lifecycle Management

Telecom Lifecycle Management

See how much we save you on average at each step of the process

Telecom Lifecycle Management wheel

Up to 25% Cost Avoidance

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

TEM Expense Management is all about managing the bottom-line of cost savings and avoidance. By optimizing your expenses, we can improve efficiencies to centralize and control spend.

Procurement Management

Our procurement resources offer you a way to simplify the complicated procurement processes and ensure you are getting the best pricing and service available on all your orders, changes, upgrades and more.

Project Management

LinkSource offers a single point of control for all approved projects, which ensures the proper flow of information to all parties and provides periodic status reports through completion.

Up to 35% Cost Savings

Audit, Optimization & Inventory

LinkSource can perform various forms of physical validations, including telecom facilities, services, equipment and utilization to verify the accuracy of vendor invoices, deploy a consistent tagging methodology and identify critical savings opportunities across the infrastructure.

RFP Management

LinkSource acts as a single-source for IT/procurement to view all your telecom suppliers, ensuring best-in-class network design, pricing and options to meet your business need.

Contract Negotiation

We can help negotiate all types of project contracts including, but not limited to, business downturn, technology migration, business divestiture, growth clause and MTRC language.

About LinkSource

LinkSource Technologies is a Telecom and Technology Consulting company. Their highly skilled team of professionals work with enterprise businesses around the globe to help clients navigate the complex, and sometimes confusing, telecom landscape as well as educate clients about cutting-edge technologies. These new technologies often enhance or optimize legacy systems, which ultimately saves valuable time and produces immediate ROI.

In addition, it is LinkSource’s goal to evaluate their client’s business environment from a security standpoint to ensure confidential data is kept private and protected from potential threats. LinkSource offers scalable solutions to best fit their client’s security needs.